Precisely ground HABA plates are often the basis for building a high-quality machine. They are usually defined very late in the design process, but in the assembly oft the beginning. As the plates themselves and the direct-mounted components often nothing have to do with the process know-how in the machine, these modules can be procured easily externally.

Are the requirements defined with you on a workpiece or assembly, HABA

undertakes the production of finished parts and assemblies. HABA makes it responsible for the quality of pre-finished workpiece, and for the exact deadlines and coordinates with modern project management tool complex manufacturing processes.

Through the procurement of complete assemblies or modules at HABA, interfaces can be reduced, storage minimized and the throughput times of your installation can be significantly shortened.

We are happy to seek the best solution for you and optimize with you the time-critical processes.

Assembly of stainless steel plate