Humans and the environment are important to us and will be respected by us at the utmost. Many of our investments have been made for purely environmental point of view, because HABA is aware of its responsibility for future generations.

  • About 150,000 liters of coolant operate in a closed system for a constant temperature on the workpiece.
  • A heat recovery uses the waste heat of the engine for heating.
  • Chip and oil moisture aspiration on the machines as well as special air purification towers provide a healthy working environment.
  • With over 600m² solar panels we produce a part of our electricity needs. In addition, this need steady declines thanks to the use of LED bulbs and other optimisations in our production halls.
  • Thanks to height adjustable sit / stand workstations the backs of our office staff are fit as a fiddle.

„It is not enough to know, you must also apply, it is not enough to want, you must also do.“