Benefit from our know-how

Over the last 50 years an enormous know-how has arose in machining plates on which you can access at any time. Annealing of steel and aluminum, grinding, milling and sawing as well as procurement and prefabrication of all plate materials belongs to the most important core competencies. Furthermore, you receive at any time assistance to process your components.

For the suitable processing of the incoming material HABA guarantees a carful sub-contracting accordingly the company's own quality standard and certified processes EN9100.

Benefit from our knowledge and let us solve your material and processing problems.

The delivery for further processing takes place on rough or finish measurements in the following dimensions

• max. table dimension 2’000 x 5’000 mm
• Parallelism 0.1 mm with a tolerance of 0.2 mm
• surface finish up to ≤Ra3.2

• Max. Table dimension 2'800 x 4'850 mm
• Parallelism 0.05mm over the whole table with a tolerance of 0.1 mm
• surface finish up to ≤Ra0.8